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FusionDataPro has a powerful hiring team who finds the professionals for the pharma, biotech, and CRO industry. We use the best employment hiring platform for the successful recruitment process.

  • Accept Employee Referrals
  • Campus Recruiting
  • Spreading Personal Network Of Connections

Online Interview Process

In the digital era, FusionDataPro has a strong interview process to hire the best candidate.
Our interview process is easy and includes;

  • Candidate Behavioral
  • Technical Writing Tests
  • Medical Screenings

We compel analytical staff with more than a decade of experience working in the Pharma, Biotech, and CRO industry. Whether you need an agreement basis worker or staff to manage complicated workloads, our specialized and distinct service offerings provide a comprehensive talent solution.

Our Complete Range of Services

Phase I-IV Studies & PK/PD Studies

Our team has supported several Phases I, II, III, and IV Studies, including PK/PD studies. We help with Clinical Data Management, Protocol and SAP Development, Clinical Data Analyses and Organization, and PK/PD analysis studies. We also handled Clinical Study Reports, Data Validation, and FDA submission support.

Protocol & SAP Development

We work with the clients to develop clinical trial protocols, sample size calculations, and study design. We ensure that the data to be collected will meet the requirements of statistical analysis and reporting as per protocols. Statistical reviews of DMP and eCRFs too are done by our team. One of our core services includes creating the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) and TFL shells based on the clinical study protocol.

Interim & DMC Analysis

Our statisticians formulate the statistical analysis plan such as mock-up tables, listings, and figures (TLDs) according to the DMC charter, Protocol and CSR SAP, and the specifications received from our clients.

Clinical Data Management

Our Clinical Data Management services include Database Specification, Building and Testing, and EDC Database Hosting.

Our Clinical Data Management services include Database Specification, Building and Testing, and EDC Database Hosting.

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

We offer technical support to drug safety management in both clinical trials and post-marketed projects. We also carry out medical monitoring projects to ensure compliance with pertinent regulations. Projects like safety database setup, development of data entry guidelines, and user acceptance testing are some of our other areas of expertise. Electronic documentation, Data entry of case reports, query management, Writing case narratives, and maintaining case report files are also handled by our team. We collect adverse event data and file submission cases. We also perform pharmacovigilance related to the identification and analysis of safety signals.



Senior Statistical Programmer FSP USA – Any Region – Home Based
Principal Statistical Programmer FSP USA – Any Region – Home Based